Germantown Man Charged With Sextortion Of Six Victims

Police say there may be other victims.                                                                                                                                 


Germantown, Md (KM) Montgomery County Police have charged a Germantown man in connection with six cases of sextortion. . That’s where an individual threatens to circulate private or sensitive material if the victim does not provide images of a sexual nature, or sexual favors or money. Michael Brendan l Cooper, 22, was taken into custody on Sunday, July 26th by officers responding to a suspicious call in Germantown.

In that incident, police say Cooper was meeting with his sixth victim on the pretext that she would perform  sexual acts so he would delete her nude photographs. During the interaction, authorities say Cooper threatened the victim with a knife as she refused to engage in sexual activity. Cooper tried to flee the area, but the victim’s boyfriend, who was with her at the time, subdued the suspect until police arrived.

Authorities say Cooper posed on social media platforms as a woman named Rebecca Lattimore while talking with victims, and obtaining photographs or videos of them. He later said his name was “Michael,” and began threatening to release these materials to the victims’ family, friends, employers and online if they didn’t meet up with him for sexual acts.

Investigators believe there may other victims of Cooper’s sextortion, and are asking anyone who have been a victim to contact Montgomery County Police. at 240-773-6254.


By Kevin McManus