Recovery High School Opens August 31st In Frederick


It’s designed to help young  people in  recovering  from drug, alcohol abuse.


Frederick, Md (KM) A rather unique school is opening its doors on Monday, August 31st.  It’s a recovery high school located at 117 East Church Street in downtown  Frederick.

The school is run by the Phoenix Foundation, and works with teenagers who are recovering from  drug and alcohol abuse. Sean Nicholson is the Director of Development. “We’re looking to fill gaps in services locally in Frederick County,” says Nicholson. “The biggest need we saw was with our kids. This is where it starts. And, unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of resources for our kids that deal with mental health or substance abuse disorders.”

These recovery schools teach students the same academics as their counterparts in high school. But because these kids are recovering from substance abuse, they’re also taught how to stay sober. Nicholson says the success rate of these  types of schools is impressive. “Recovery high schools are a statistically proven model that have done significantly well across the country. There are 55 recovery schools throughout,” he says.

Nicholson says he’s spent most of his life battling addictions, and he’s dedicated himself to serving others in recovery.

The school will be opening during the COVID-19 pandemic. Head of School Sara Varga says precautions  are being taken to protect students, faculty and staff. “We have the typical protocols and procedures with frequent handwashing, temperature check before students and staff enter the building, wearing masks, social distancing,” she says.

Enrollment at the school is expected to be at least 20 students.

Varga points out that this is private school, and there is tuition. “We will operate a sliding scale fee for families. We also already have an endowment of scholarship funds available,” she says. “We do not ever want financial need to be a reason to keep students out of our school. So we are insuring that any student whose  going to  need our program is going to access our school.”

For more informatin on the school, call 240-457-8874.

The building at 117 East Church Street was presented by the Ausherman Family Foundation, which will be leasing it to the Phoenix Foundation at $100 per month.


By Kevin McManus