State Troopers To Be Out On The Highways This Labor Day Weekend

Traffic could be a little heavier even with the COVID-19 pandemic.                                                                                                


Pikesville, Md (KM) Motorists who are planning to head out this Labor Day weekend are reminded that Maryland State Police will be out on the roads as well. “Any extended holiday weekend, Maryland State Police will be out ensuring that everyone gets to their holiday location safely, especially looking to target impaired, aggressive and distracted drivers,” says spokesman Ron Snyder.

He says residents will still be heading out despite the COVID-19 pandemic. . “Were still in a pandemic. We’re still dealing with a lot of instances where people are just starting to come out of their homes a little bit more. We’re going into Phase Three of the recovery based on the Governor’s announcement this week,” says Snyder. “We anticipate a good amount of people to be out on the roads going  to their holiday destinations.”

Labor Day is considered the unofficial final weekend of summer, and that also means a lot of parties where alcohol is served to guests. “We anticipate people drinking. But if they do, don’t get behind the wheel. Be responsible. You’re not just putting yourself at risk, you’re putting everyone on the road at risk as well,” he says.

State Police say if you are going to a Labor Day party, designate a sober driver, and give that person your keys. When it’s time to go home, consider using public transportation, or calling a taxi. Don’t let your friends drive if you think they’re impaired, and if you see someone whom you believe is impaired driving a car, call the police. Whenever you drive, State Police say always buckle up, don’t text or use a hand-held cell phone.  Use one that’s hands-free.

Snyder says if you’re hosting a Labor Day party, you can be held liable if you serve alcohol to a guest who ends up in an impaired driving crash. “Don’t be afraid to invite people to spend the night. Take the steps to find alternative transportation. Have everyone leave their keys down so they don’t get behind the wheel,” he says.

Maryland State Police say other suggestions include serving plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages. For guests who plan to consume alcohol, Snyder says make sure they’ve made arrangements for other ways of getting home, or spending the night. Also, have contact information about taxi companies at the ready. And take away the keys from anyone who is not sober enough to drive.


By Kevin McManus