Process Of Choosing New Frederick Police Moves Into High Gear

An external search committee has been formed to assist in the search.                                                                       


Frederick, Md (KM) The process of choosing a new Frederick Police Chief is getting into high gear.  A job posting is available and will remain open for 30 days; and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)   is working with the city as a consultant in the hiring process.

In addition, an External Search Committee has been formed to work with the IACP in reviewing the first round of applicants; and an internal selection committee will be working with the Mayor in conducting a final review of all applicants.

The person hired for this position will replace former Police Chief Ed Hargis, who retired in February.

During an appearance on WFMD’s “Morning News Express,” Mayor Michael O’Connor said the hiring process is taking a long time, and was slowed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We lost a number of months in the process simply because our attention was focused on getting through the pandemic,” he says.

According to the city, the process will include the External Search Committee working with the community on preferred qualities, qualifications and experiences for a future police chief.

During October and November, the External Search Committee and the IACP will do a preliminary review of the first round of candidates, and conduct interviews. The committee will submit candidate recommendations to Mayor O’Connor, city officials say.

Mayor O’Connor and the internal search committee will review the recommendations,  conduct final interviews and select the finalists. That’s expected to take place during November and December.

Also during that time, finalists will meet with community stakeholders,. Mayor O’Connor will then select the final candidate which will be sent off to the Board of Aldermen for consideration and a vote.

Throughout the pandemic, many city meetings which normally take  place in person were conducted virtually to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Mayor O’Connor says that’s not the way to interview candidates for the job of police chief. “We cannot do an entire police search process via Microsoft Teams,” he says “I love the platform. It’s been great for us. It’s helped us get through a lot of stuff. But it’s the not the way to hire a police chief.”


By Kevin McManus