Frederick County Ranks In The Top 10 Counties In The Nation With The Highest Frequency of Animal Strikes


AAA Mid-Atlantic Warns Animal Strikes Increase in October, November, and December

Frederick, MD (KB) Oh Deer! Frederick County is among the top ten counties across the nation with the highest frequency of animal strikes in the month of November between 2006 and 2018. AAA Mid-Atlantic spokeswoman, Ragina Ali, is encouraging drivers to stay alert behind the wheel.

“While the most likely crash happens when the driver strikes an animal, on occasion, the animal might run into the vehicle,” said Ali. “Be especially attentive at early morning and evening hours. Many animals, especially deer, are most active from 5 to 8AM and 5 to 8PM, so be certainly mindful as you are commuting to or from work.”

Drivers should pay attention to road signs indicating high levels of deer activity, avoid driving distracted, follow speed limits, and pay special attention to 2-lane roads surrounded by natural habitat.

“Use high beams when there is no oncoming traffic, it can help you spot animals sooner. Sometimes the light reflecting off their eyes can reveal their location,” recommended Ali.

Animal-vehicle collisions increase in October and November as fall is deer mating season. According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, 11,184 deer were estimated to have been killed by motor vehicles in 2018 in Maryland alone.

Motorists are reminded that in the case of a collision, AAA recommends to:

– Call the police
– Put vehicle hazard lights on
– If possible, move the vehicle to a safe location
– Avoid making contact with the wounded animal
– Contact your insurance agent or company
– Document the accident