AAA Says Vehicles Sitting Idle During Pandemic May Not Be Winter Ready









Cold weather could mean costly vehicle repairs

Frederick, MD (KB) Winter is coming, are you and your car prepared? There is no better time to ensure that your vehicle is road-ready for winter than this month, Car Care Month.

AAA Mid-Atlantic Spokeswoman, Ragina Ali, is encouraging drivers educate themselves on how to identify a weak battery.

“We certainly see a lot, particularly with batteries and tires at this time of the year,” says Ali. “You want to be on the lookout for a couple of battery warning signs.”

Signs of a weak vehicle battery:

– The starter motor cranks the engine slowly

– Battery or charging warning light is illuminated on the dashboard

– If the headlights are dim when vehicle is idle (more common in older vehicle models)

Stay at home orders issued earlier this year have caused engines to sit idle for extended periods of time. Idle engines, coupled with cold weather, could mean costly repairs in the future. It could also lead to lasting damage on your vehicle.

The AAA Car Care Center is offering free vehicle health inspections, as well as savings on repairs as part of Car Care Month this October.