Raskin Looking to Serve Third Term in US House of Representatives


Jamie Raskin is seeking re-election to Congress for District 8

Frederick, MD (KB) In just over a week, Jamie Raskin is hoping to be re-elected to the US House of Representatives for District 8 in Maryland. If he returns, Raskin will spend his third term in office.

“I am a member of the House Democratic Leadership Team, I was elected to that by my colleagues,” explained Raskin. “I’m on the House Judiciary Committee, the Oversight Committee, the Rules Committee, and the new Select Committee on the coronavirus,” he continued.

While in Congress, Raskin was able to make progress on the funding of National Parks and bring in revenue to increase scientific research on deadly diseases. Most of his accomplishments, he said, have been at the local level.

The House has had a difficult time getting national legislation past the Senate.

“Unfortunately, a lot of the national stuff we have been able to get done in the House of Representatives is sitting on Mitchell McConnell’s desk — like a $15 dollar minimum wage, like the legislation we have against gerrymandering,” Raskin said.

If re-elected, Raskin said he will focus on a national infrastructure plan, addressing overdue democracy reform, and discussing the impacts of climate change. Early voting starts today in Frederick County. General Election Day is only a week away and will take place on November 3rd.