Two Grant Programs Launched In Frederick County

They’re designed to help child care centers & food service companies survive the COVID-19 pandemic.                                                                   



Frederick, Md (KM) A second round of grants is available for child care providers to to pay for cleaning and disinfection. The announcement was made last Thursday by County Executive Jan Gardner.

“The grant program will be similar the first round, although the awards will be customized this time instead of a flat amount,” says Gardner. “Grants will be based on the size of the operation and the number of months a center has been open.”

She says they will be available for family-based providers, small centers which serve up to 59 children, and larger  centers which serve more than 59 children. Family-base operations could receive between l$1,025 to $4,100. The small centers will be eligible  for $1,275 and $5,100. The larger centers would be eligible for between $1,768 to $6,800.

Eligible providers have been or will be contacted by Child Care Choices with directions on how to apply. The deadline to  make application  is Thursday, November 12th

Gardner says  the county awarded $1.4-million in grants funds earlier this year to child care providers. She says this money helped them stay open during  the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food Service

There’s also $2-million in grant funding available for other times of businesses. . “This round of grants is focused on food service and hospitality industry businesses, which really have been hard hit by the COVID impacts on our economy,” says Gardner.

She says the grants will be awarded in two categories: one includes caterers, carry-out restaurants that do have not seating, bakeries and food trucks. The second category is restaurants without drive-thrus, franchise  restaurants, and wineries, breweries and distilleries.

“The business must be in good standing with both the county and the State of Maryland. And it must possess either a current food service license from the Frederick County Health Department–and we have over 500 food service licensees  in Frederick County–or a liquor license from the Frederick County Liquor Board,” Gardner says.  Liquor stores are not eligible.

Applications will be accepted between November 13-23.

Food service businesses can get more information by going on line to


By Kevin McManus