Ryan’s Blog: People Ditching Fox News For Newsmax

There is an aggressive movement by some television viewers to leave Fox News and head to Newsmax TV. Nielsen data confirmed this trend by showing the number of viewers across all dayparts is up significantly.

During a three-day period, last week, Newsmax TV led Fox Business and CNBC in all key day parts. Newsmax peaked with 326,000 viewers from 4p-8p. The station is now carried in 70 million homes nationwide.

The company also saw over a half million downloads to the free Newsmax TV APP, and earlier Tuesday hit the top 3 position in rankings for downloads on iPhone. In addition, Newsmax is seeing a surge in traffic on devices like Roku, YouTube, and Xumo.

Newsmax was started by former reporter Christopher Ruddy who used a $25,000 investment to start the organization. The company also says traffic on its website, Newsmax.com, is up significantly.