Maryland General Assembly To Be Much Different This Year Due to COVID-19.

Frederick County Delegate Young says all committees will meet  virtually.


Frederick, Md (KM) It’s expected to be a much different Maryland General Assembly this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Frederick County Delegate Karen Lewis Young, who was elected Delegation Chair last Saturday, says legislative committees will be meet virtually. “The only time we will meet physically as a group is on the floor for voting sessions,” she says.

But Young says citizens will still have an opportunity to testify at committee hearings, and let their Delegates and State Senators know how they feel. “Tune to our various virtual meetings, and sign up to testify; and submit written comments,” she says. “And, of course as always, send your thoughts about specific legislation to your representative.”

Delegate Young says she expects police reform, dealing with COVID-19 and making sure health care is accessible for all to be the big issues of the upcoming session.   “Other issues that are very important that I hope we hope we hear about and put plans in place very early are homelessness and eviction, food insecurity and small business sustainability,” she says.

As in past years, Young says she will be submitting her own bills for consideration. “I have a telehealth reform bill that’s been working very well throughout the pandemic. And we make it easier for people to communicate with their health professionals,” she said.

Another measure would let pharmacists administer certain medications. “That’s extremely important even more so now because the specific medications included in the bill deal with mental health challenges and addiction challenges. And we know during the pandemic that those kinds of problems are increasing,” Delegate Young says.

The 2021 Maryland General Assembly will gavel into session on January 13th.


By Kevin McManus