Governor Says Marylanders Are Safer At Home For The Holidays

He also issued $180 million in economic relief








Annapolis, MD (KB)  Governor Larry Hogan announced $180 million in emergency economic relief for the state of Maryland. At a news conference Thursday afternoon, the Governor says it will go toward small businesses and families who were hit the hardest during the pandemic.

“This new economic relief includes $50 million dollars from our dedicated emergency rapid response fund to help hotels, motels, and hospitality businesses across the state,” he explained. “This sector was among the first to suffer and will be among the last to recover from the crisis.”

He also announced an additional $30 million will be added to help restaurants, $15 million for entertainment venues, $5 million for rural businesses, $40 million for temporary cash assistance, and $40 million for health care providers.

In addition to economic relief, Hogan issued a new travel order requiring Marylanders to limit all travel to essential purposes only.

“Marylanders who do travel outside of Maryland or individuals who do travel to our state, will be required to obtain a negative COVID-19 test result or to self-quarantine for ten days,” said Hogan.

He announced a new public health advisory, lowering the gathering number from 25 people to ten. He said Marylanders are safer at home for the holidays this year.