Most Frederick County Residents Want To Receive COVID Vaccine, According To Recent Survey

Most want to receive in their doctor’s offices.                                                                          


Frederick, Md (KM) A recent survey on the COVID-19 vaccine conducted in Frederick County has some positive news, according to Health Office Dr. Barbara Brookmyer.  She says a majority of respondents said they would get the vaccine when it becomes available. “And we had 57% said ‘yes.’ And there’s another 23% ‘not so sure.’ And that’s out of all respondents,”: she said.

But the survey also found that just over 20% said they would not get the vaccine, citing concerns about its side effects and safety. “People talking about that it hasn’t been tested enough on people like me,” said Dr. Brookmyer. “As we have more  of the vaccine coming into to our community and more people have an experience with it, it would be hopeful that these numbers change somewhat.”

This survey was conducted between December 4th and the 11th, with more than 20,000 participating.

Dr. Brookmyer said a majority of the respondents said they would receive the vaccine, but that percentage drops based on a person’s race and ethnicity. “When we took a look at the responses by race and by individual who identified as Black and African-American, the ‘yes’ was a much lower percent at 37%; and the ‘not sure’ was a  little higher; and the ‘no’ was also a little bit higher,” she said.

Even though just under 23% said they weren’t sure they would receive the vaccine, Dr. Brookmyer says many said they would be interested in getting the vaccine at a later date. The survey says some of the main reasons were evidence that  it’s safe and effective, and evidence that it’s safe and effective for people like them  based on race, ethnicity, age and other reasons.

When it came to where they felt most comfortable receiving the vaccine, many respondents said in their doctor’s offices, and second choice as an urgent care center.

But Dr. Brookmyer said it may be a while before the vaccine is available at primary care facilities. “For the time being, it will be the hospitals and local health departments in Maryland that are getting the vaccine,” she said.

It may be several months into 2021 when the vaccine is available for the general public. The state’s plan calls for front line health care professionals and residents and staff of long term care facilities such as nursing homes, to be the first in line for vaccinations.



By Kevin McManus