Governor Announces Plan To Accelerate COVID-19 Vaccinations

Maryland will adopt a new rolling vaccine allocation model







Annapolis, MD (KB) The state of Maryland will be taking a series of initial steps to speed up the COVID-19 vaccine allocation process.

Governor Larry Hogan announced during a news conference Tuesday any facility that has not administered at least 75% of their total first dose allocation may have future allocations reduced. That is until they can prove their ability to meet capacity.

He also said unused doses should be reported.

“Any provider that has excess doses will be required to notify their local health department so that those doses can be reallocated to other priority populations,” said Hogan.

The Governor said the state will adopt a new rolling vaccine allocation model.

“We are no longer be waiting for all of the members of a particular priority group to be completed before we move on to begin the next group in line,” Hogan explained.

Hogan said vaccines will be pushed out on a weekly basis.

“Every single week, we will be continuing to push out vaccines to our hospitals, pharmacies, local health departments, and to all the other vaccinators across the state based on need and on utilization,” he said.

Hogan also reminded citizens that the states are reliant on the federal government and the two vaccine producers for the supply of vaccines.