Governor Hogan, Other State Officials Get Coronavirus Vaccination On Monday

The Governor says it’s important for everyone to get the vaccine.







Annapolis, Md (KM) It was time for state officials to roll up their sleeves. The COVID-19 vaccine was administered to Monday to Governor Larry Hogan, his wife, Yumi; Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford and his wife, Monica; and Maryland’s Deputy Health Secretary, Dr. Jinlene Chan.

Maryland National Guard medical personnel gave out  the shots. “These folks are high speed medics. A lot of them have been deployed overseas, done that work. They are really among the very best we have to offer in the Maryland National Guard,” said Colonel Eric Allely, the State Surgeon for the Guard.

After he received the vaccination, Governor Hogan said he didn’t feel thing when the needle penetrated his skin. Speaking to reporters, Maryland’s Chief Executive talked about the importance of everyone getting these shots. “The only way  that we’re going to return to a sense of normalcy is by these COVID-19 vaccines, which have been approved by America’s leading medical experts,”: he said.

On Monday, the state of Maryland entered Phase 1B of its vaccination plan. The vaccines  can now be administered to residents and employees of assisted living centers and congregate settings, adults 75 years of age and older and teachers, support staff and other education professionals. Prior to that, the state gave counties authorization to administer the vaccine to frontline health care workers, residents and staff of nursing homes and first responders and public  safely professionals such as police officers, medics and fire fighters.

Next week, Maryland will enter Phase 1C of its vaccination plan, which expands the vaccine to adults between 65 and 74, essential workers in lab services, agriculture, manufacturing and the Postal service.

But he acknowledged that there are some problems with vaccine distribution. “I cannot emphasized strongly enough that there is still a limited supply of vaccines available to us from the federal government, which is only giving us 10,000 doses  per day,” he said.

This vaccine requires two doses, and Maryland will need 12-million doses to inoculate all of its residents., the Governor says. . But so far, the state has only received 4.5% of that amount.

The Governor and other state officials received the vaccine manufactured by Moderna. They need to receive a second shot in four weeks.


By Kevin McManus