Settlement Reached In Racial Bias Lawsuit Against Frederick County Sheriff

It includes an apology from Sheriff Jenkins.









COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) – A Latina immigrant has reached a $125,000 settlement after she says her detention during a traffic stop fit a pattern of racially discriminatory policing in a Maryland county. The settlement includes a written apology from the county’s sheriff.

Lawyers for Sara Haidee Aleman Medrano on Thursday announced terms of her settlement of a federal lawsuit that she filed against Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins and others.

In his apology letter, Jenkins says the deputies who detained Medrano hadn’t been properly trained on the proper procedures for handling U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrants and deportation orders during routine criminal records checks.


By The Associated Press

  • largenumbnuts

    Just more Illegal Alien bullshit with help from the damn judge !

  • CriminalJustice101

    Sara Haidee Aleman Medrano, has illegally resided in Frederick with her daughter and grandchildren for 13+ years. In July 2018, when she was pulled over for a broken tail light, she asked for a Spanish-speaking deputy, because she doesn’t speak English, and received one. She announced (through an interpreter) “It’s not right what they did to me. I believe there is racism within the police force.”You know where you’ll find no so-called “racism” Sara? Back in El Salvador. But, then again, they probably wouldn’t cut you a $25,000. check for the inconvenience of being pulled over. Should Maryland be issuing driver’s licenses to people who can’t read, speak, or understand English?