Kerr Discusses 2021 Legislative Session

He says one bill addresses protocol for seizures in schools








Annapolis, MD (KB)    The 2021 legislative session in Annapolis is well underway. Frederick County Delegate Ken Kerr said he is working on bills that have not been formally drafted, but he is excited about.

“One has to do with subsidies for people age 19 to 40, who make too much money to qualify for a federal subsidy for the health insurance exchanges, but they don’t make enough money so that they can afford health insurance,” the Delegate explained.

He said he is working on a way to use surplus funds from the reinsurance program to make health care affordable for those individuals.

Delegate Kerr has also been working on a bill that addresses what to do with abandoned property, such as bank accounts that have not seen recent activity.

“My bill just says that if there is more than $5,000 dollars of value, that the property holder should be notified by certified mail return receipt rather than first-class mail,” he said.

In a joint-effort with Senator Ron Young, Delegate Kerr said he is working to promote “seizure-safe schools.”

“To make sure that people in schools know what happens when a child, or even a staff member, has a seizure in school,” said Kerr.

Delegate Kerr said he misses the interaction between legislators and constituents that has not been able to take place due to the pandemic.

“You miss the personal interaction, and I think that the general public misses the opportunity to show up in numbers and just show us how important some of these issues are to them,” he explained.

The 2021 Legislative session will continue through April 12, 2021.