How COVID-19 Has Contributed To An Unusual Flu Season

Doctor says minimal flu activity could be attributed to preventative coronavirus behavior






Baltimore, MD (KB) Flu cases are unusually low this year. That’s according to the Director of the Environmental Health Bureau at the Maryland Department of Health, Dr. Clifford Mitchell.

“It has been a season unlike any that we’ve seen recently because it has been very, very low, minimal activity,” said Dr. Mitchell.

Dr. Mitchell said wearing face coverings, social distancing, and washing your hands are all typical methods to protect against COVID-19, but also protect from the flu.

“The flu virus is similar to, and transmitted the same way, as the COVID virus,” he explained. “So protecting yourself from COVID is also protecting yourself from influenza.”

The doctor said although there is minimal flu activity this year, it is not a time to let your guard down.

“You can still catch the flu, even in none-flu season,” said Dr. Mitchell. “We do have strains of flu that are around all the time so it’s never a bad time to be taking those same kinds of precaution.”

Dr. Mitchell still recommends all citizens consider getting a flu shot. He said it is not too late.