Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Deputies Are Posted At COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

They are there to provide site security and assist the community







Frederick, MD (KB) Lieutenant Jason Deater with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office said deputies are on site at each COVID-19 vaccination site.

“Currently, the Sheriff’s Office provides a deputy to each of the three vaccine clinics during the hours operation to provide site security and assist staff and the community,” he said.

Lieutenant Deater said residents should not be worried by a deputy’s presence.

“I’d like to remind county residents not to be alarmed by the presence of the deputy or Sheriff’s Office equipment at the vaccine sites,” he explained.

He said the Sheriff’s Office has received many compliments from the community about the services provided by the deputies posted at each vaccination site.

The Lieutenant also said 40% of the deputies have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lieutenant Deater is able to provide an update about the Adult Detention Center, where he says currently, 44 inmates at the Center are considered high risk for COVID-19.

“Out of the 44 high risk inmates, 34 have received the initial vaccination, while 10 inmates have declined the vaccine,” he explained. “The 34 inmates are scheduled to receive their second dose later this month.”

Lieutenant Deater also spoke about active coronavirus cases at the Detention Center.

“The Frederick County Adult Detention Center currently has ten active COVID cases amongst inmates,” he said. “There are no COVID cases amongst staff in the Detention Center.”