Caregiver Bill Sponsored By Frederick County Delegate Young

It would let families of long term residents to  appoint a caregiver.



Frederick, Md (KM) Families would have the authority to appoint a caregiver to visit their relatives in nursing homes and other  long term care facilities under a bill sponsored by Frederick County Delegate Karen Lewis Young. The caregiver would visit the facility, and check in on the resident, making sure he or she is receiving their necessary medical care. That individual would also provide companionship to that resident.

Young says the  COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected residents in long term care facilities because they can’t see their family members. “We are finding some of the mental health challenges are as large if not larger than the physical  dangers present from the coronavirus,” she said.

This caregiver doesn’t have to be a doctor, nurse or other medical professional. “It could be either be a relative, or somebody hired by the family, like a special nurse or health care worker, or companion,” says Young.

Delegate Young says the caregiver entering a nursing home would be required to follow certain rules and  restrictions put in place by long term care facilities to fight COVID-19. “They have been screened. They may have  to come in through isolated entrances like a side door or a back door; have limited hours,” she says.

Part of her motivation for this legislation, Delegate Young says, comes from the problems she experienced trying to visit  her ailing mother who was in a long term care facility. “Yes, i did it not only in her memory–unfortunately, she passed away in December–but to fight for other families who are frustrated by their inability to get in and see their loved ones,” says Young.

A hearing was held on the bill last week. Young says support for this bill or similar legislation looks strong. “Delegate {Susan} Krebs from Carroll County made the statement that this is one of the most important issues that we need to work on this session,” says Delegate Young. “So whenever we have bipartisan support and a colleague makes a statement like that, I’m optimistic.”


By Kevin McManus