Frederick County Council To Discuss Property Tax Credit Bill

It would apply to local disabled veterans in Frederick County








Frederick, MD (KB) Frederick County Council member Steve McKay is sponsoring a bill that would provide a property tax credit for disabled veterans.

“It’s a two-tier property tax credit and it’s based upon the veteran’s disability rating, which is a rating that is assigned by the Department of Veteran Affairs,” McKay explained.

25% property tax would be credited to veterans who have disability ratings from 50-74%.

50% property tax would be credited to veterans who have disability ratings from 75%-99%.

Maryland law already grants a complete property tax exemption to veterans with a 100% disability rating. A 100% rating indicates severe impairment that would prevent the veteran from getting gainful civilian employment.

McKay addressed the potential cost to the County.

“I think the County estimated it could cost up to $1.6 million dollars per year,” he stated. McKay said this cost could never compare to the cost disabled veterans bear every day. He said he does not believe this should be an important consideration in this bill.

A Council workshop is set to take place on March 9th, 2021 to discuss the bill. McKay said after the workshop will be a formal introduction of the legislation.

“I do expect good support, and I have three co-sponsors so right there I have four votes as long as nothing changes,” he said.

Council Vice President Michael Blue, and Council members Jessica Fitzwater and Kai Hagen are co-sponsoring the bill.