Frederick Alderwoman Raises Concerns About Accusations Against Fellow Alderman

She says the city has no process for citizens to file complaints against elected officials.

Donna Kuzemchak

Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick Alderwoman Donna Kuzemchak says she does not envy fellow Alderman Ben MacShane, who accuses Alderman Roger Wilson of sexual harassment and coercion of several women.

MacShane says he has heard from victims, and has posted his accusations on Facebook, but  did not name any accusers.

“I believe he is telling the complete truth, and people came to him,” Kuzemchal says. She spoke during an interview with WFMD.

Alderman Wilson has denied the accusations. He says further that Alderman MacShane did not think about Wilson’s family when he posted the accusations.

Regarding the situation itself, Kuzemchak said “I’m not going to go directly to that. I’m going to say that I’m obviously concerned that there’s not a process that women or men have to report a complaint against an elected official,” she said.

A bill to revise the city’s election law has been introduced which sets up a process for citizens to file complaints against elected officials.

But Kuzemchak also says she’s concerned that  the victims of sexual harassment, coercion or assault often undergo a second victimization. “The victim becomes victims at first and then they are re-victimized through the process,” she said. “People don’t believe them. People don’t want to face the reality  that this is 2021 and this stuff is still happening. It’s outrageous; simply outrageous,” says Kuzemchak.

“We need to stop the culture of raising men to think that it’s okay,” she continues. “And not even to recognize harassment when it happens.”

Alderman Wilson says these accusations are part of an effort by Alderman MacShane and Mayor Michael O’Connor to derail his efforts to run for Mayor. Wilson threw his hat into the ring for Mayor in January. Both he and O’Connor are running as Democrats.



By Kevin McManus