Frederick County Delegate’s Teleworking Bill To Move To Senate

Legislation passed the Maryland House of Delegates


Annapolis, MD (KB) Frederick County Delegate Carol Krimm is sponsoring a bill to encourage teleworking.

“That bill has passed the House and it’s in the Senate waiting for a hearing,” said the Delegate. “I do have a cross-filer — Senator Nancy King from Montgomery County has the bill on the Senate side.”

The bill would require state and local governments to develop plans for teleworking and encourage private companies to do the same.

Delegate Krimm said teleworking has many benefits.

“Teleworking has proven to have good productivity, in fact, increased productivity,” said Delegate Krimm.

She said there is an incentive in the bill for private companies to create a teleworking policy.

“I think they’re seeing the benefits and how much happier their employees are, and they don’t have to spend, you know, hours in traffic,” she explained.

Speaking of traffic, Delegate Krimm said teleworking can have a positive impact on the environment.

“You have cleaner air, that is for sure,” she said, “Because we don’t have people sitting in traffic congestion, that’s a big plus on the environment side.”

She said when the pandemic began and the Governor issued a stay-at-home order, there was a decrease in traffic. The Delegate said many companies and agencies have reopened, however, there is not as much traffic on the roads as there was pre-pandemic.