Frederick County Delegate Comments On Approval Of Police Reform Package

The legislation will now make its way to the Governor’s desk









Annapolis, MD (KB) A package of police reform measures is making its way to Governor Larry Hogan’s desk for approval. The legislation cleared the Maryland General Assembly on Wednesday.

Frederick County Delegate Jesse Pippy said police records will be impacted.

“The problem with that bill is it goes after, it publicizes, in some cases, unsubstantiated allegations,” he stated.

Pippy said allegations are thrown around against law enforcement officers all the time. He said there needs to be a way to separate true allegations from those that are unsubstantiated.

“That’s why there are certain procedures in place to ensure that when it comes to law enforcement, if there’s an incident, that law enforcement have due process, they are given the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise,” explained Pippy.

Pippy said one bill addresses no-knock warrants.

“Currently, law enforcement can apply for a no-knock warrant if they are trying to pursue drugs, other properties — stolen guns,” he said. “The bill that they put before us actually strips all of that out.”

Pippy said this measure will make our state less safe.

“Everyday, there are seizures of large amounts of drugs. In Baltimore, we have hundreds of the 700 shootings a year, 300 plus murders a year, and the vast majority of those are done with stolen guns,” he said.

The legislation also requires the use of body cameras for police officers statewide by 2026.

The Maryland General Assembly will adjourn on Monday, April 12th, 2021.