Police Impersonator Reported In Frederick County



Sheriff’s Office has tips for motorists who are pulled over for traffic stops.


Frederick, Md (KM) During the months of March and April, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and the Brunswick Police have responded to calls of a police impersonator making illegal traffic stops throughout the county.

There was one incident along Route 340 on Sunday, April 11th at around 6:00 PM. The Sheriff’s Office says a motorist was pulled by a driver of a black SUV with a single blue LED bar. The “officer” was wearing khaki pants, a black hoodie, black baseball cap, black face covering and a black tactical vest with no agency identifier on it. The driver says he was stocky man with black hair and a southern accent.

When bogus officer approached the vehicle, he did not identify himself or say which agency he represented. Instead, he asked the motorist if there were any narcotics, guns or bombs in the vehicle. The motorists said he only had prescription medications. The “officer” asked for the man’s driver’s license, and the pills.. The driver complied. When the phony cop handed back the license, the motorist asked for identification. But the “officer” went back to the SUV, and sped away with the driver’s prescription pills.

The Maryland State Police say they conducted no traffic stops along that highway at that time. The Brunswick Police say they investigated a similar incident with the same descriptions of the suspect and the vehicle.

If you’re involved in a traffic stop, the Sheriff’s Office says look for the officer’s uniform; and if the officer is in plain clothes, look for any identification. If not, politely ask the officer for identification. If no identification is produced, then contact the police dispatch center to verify it was a stop. The Sheriff’s Office dispatch center number is 301-600-1046. Pay attention to what the officer is asking for, such as license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. If the situation doesn’t feel right, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 301-600-1046 or dial 911.

And if you have a traffic stop experience similar to this incident or have information which could help, call the Sheriff’s Office.

By Kevin McManus