Elementary School Students To Return To In-Person Learning, Four Days A Week, In Frederick County

The motion was approved by the Frederick County Board of Education Wednesday night









Frederick, MD (KB) On Wednesday night, the Frederick County Board of Education met to discuss in-person learning for Frederick County Public School (FCPS) students.

Board member Brad Young said he made a motion to bring all FCPS students back to school.

“Under my proposal, it was to bring all kids back, four days a week, for the remainder of the school year,” he explained. “And it would allow for a virtual option for those that thought that that wasn’t appropriate to do so.”

Young said that motion did not pass, but the Board voted to bring elementary students back to in-person learning for four days a week. He said this will begin in about two weeks, and will be in place until the end of the school year.

“I think it’s vitally important that these students get back in school,” Young stated. “I think it’s important that we learn best practices so we’re ready to go, we have no excuse in the Fall not to be back to five days a week, full-time for our students.”

According to Young, all COVID-19 safety precautions will still be enforced. He also said all FCPS staff who wanted a coronavirus vaccine have been able to get one. Young said students will still have the virtual learning option.

Young had an additional motion involving high school seniors.

“I made a motion that all our seniors could be together on their last day of school, and that did pass,” said Young.

Young made it clear that we owe our students and education.

“If they didn’t get their education this year, we either owe it to making them up in catching them up, or to giving it to them again,” he said.