Governor Lifts Outdoor Mask Mandate In Maryland

He also announced an update in outdoor dining restrictions.







Annapolis, MD (KB) At a news conference on Wednesday, Governor Larry Hogan announced an improvement of health metrics in the State of Maryland.

“We have now vaccinated nearly 85% of all Marylanders over the age of 65, and more than 60% of all Marylanders 18 years and older,” he stated.

Citing the consistent improvement of state health metrics, the Governor said effective immediately, he will be lifting the statewide outdoor mask mandate.

“Face coverings are still required for Marylanders at all large ticketed venues, as well as indoors at all public and private businesses across the state, and when using public transportation,” he explained. Hogan said public health experts still strongly recommend that residents get vaccinated and that until they do, they should continue to be cautious and wear a mask when unable to physically distance.

Hogan also announced an update in outdoor dining restrictions.

“Effective this Saturday, May 1st, all restrictions will be lifted for outdoor dining,” he said. This means that standing services can resume outdoors at bars and restaurants and all restrictions related to outdoor dining capacity and distancing will be lifted.

Seated services and physical distancing will continue to be a requirement for indoor bars and restaurants.

Hogan also said it will be easier for all eligible Marylanders to book an appointment for a vaccine against COVID-19.

“Beginning Saturday, all eligible Marylanders will be able to go online and immediately book an appointment,” he explained.

The Governor said college students should consider getting the vaccine.

“We are reserving large blocks of appointments for university students and major employers across the state. All college students in Maryland are encouraged to begin the vaccination process immediately here in Maryland, even if you may end up getting your second shot in your home state,” he explained.