AAA Launches ‘Great American Road Trip’ Campaign

It provides assistance to Americans who want to head out this summer.








Towson, Md (KM) Many Americans feel  it’s time to take to the roads again. AAA has launched the “Great American Road Trip ” campaign. Spokeswoman Ragina Ali with the AAA Mid-Atlantic says as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people had to cancel their vacation plans during the summer of 2020. But this year they want to get away.

“We do know that many people are planning to travel,” she says. “In fact, a recent survey conducted by Destination Analysts suggests that 88% of Americans do have tentative leisure travel plans with 71% of those surveyed indicating they’ll be taking a trip within the next three months.”

The survey says 34% plan to fly. But most people will be heading out by car. Because of that Ali says they should make sure their cars are in good shape for their road trip. “Many cars sat idle for quite a bit of last year because of COVID and with people working remotely. So AAA is advising drivers to make a good BET to stay on the road by having the vehicle’s battery—with a B–their engine and their tires checked before embarking on these great American road trips,” she says.

AAA also encourages drivers to pack face masks when heading out, along with sanitizer to keep their cars and other surfaces clean. Plan to make as few stops as possible, and make sure all passengers are using their seat belts, and small children are restrained by child safety seats.

You can also check ahead using AAA’s COVID-19 Travel Restrictions map. of the United States “to help travelers keep track of basically the every changing rules and the landscape as it pertains to COVID-19,” says Ali. It will provide information on the rules and restrictions put in place in other states to guard against coronavirus infections. Ali says the map is updated on a regular basis.

The map is available on line at


By Kevin McManus