Frederick County Working To Help Ellume Get Up And Running

The company decided to open its first American facility in Frederick County








Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick County will be wasting no time in helping Ellume get up and running locally. The Australian-based company will be opening a new manufacturing plant along Executive Court South at Progress Labs corporate park, which is located near Route 85.

“Our permits department gets involved, and really walks through hand-in-hand with Ellume, and the Matan Company to make sure all time lines are met,” says Helen Propheter, the Director of the County’s Office of Economic Development.

Frederick County officials say they will fast track the project.

Ellume develops diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases. It recently produced a rapid-test kit for COVID-19 to support the US in its fight against the pandemic.  This test kit was the first to receive Emergency Use Authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration.

The Matan Company will develop the site for Matan, which will contain about 180,000 square feet of space. Propheter says Ellume is expected to bring 1500 new jobs to Frederick County. She says the company¬† is expected to begin hiring employees. “And in addition to that, our Workforce Development Department, and partners out in the community who assist in hiring will quickly get engaged to help them hire the workforce they need,” says Propheter.

Frederick County is home to a lot of biotech companies, and Propheter says that probably helped Ellume make up its mind to open a facility in the local community. “We have a great reputation with all businesses, but certainly with the success we’ve had with landing life sciences businesses,” she says.

Ellume is expected to be in operation by the end of 2022. The company plans to invest $1.6-million in its new facility.

“We do have some prospects in the pipeline and we hope that this momentum continues to be one that is positive and we’re able to share even more successes with you,” Propheter says.


By Kevin McManus