Marylanders Have Until July 15th To File Their State Income Tax Returns





The deadline was extended to help those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.



Annapolis, Md (KM) There’s still plenty of time for Marylanders to file their state income tax returns. That deadline is usually April 15th, but Comptroller Peter Franchot says it’s been extended to July 15th to help residents and businesses struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Why are doing this,” Franchot asks. “Because we want people who have been hit hard by the pandemic not to have the added burden of pulling cash out of their accounts and sending  it to us right now.”

Monday, May 17th, was the deadline to submit your federal income tax returns.

He also says this extension to July 15th  allows Marylanders to use their money for other things besides paying taxes. “We’re letting you use this money interest free for your own purposes,” he says.

With the deadline extended , Franchot says now would be a good time to get your financial information together in case you want to an early start on your state income  taxes..  He says you can do your taxes yourself, or have a reputable tax preparer do it   for you. “Of you can bring it in your federal return to our branch offices, and we’ll do your state tax for you right  there as you wait,” says  Franchot.

There is a State Comptroller’s Office branch office inside the Frederick County Court House complex at 100 West Patrick Street. You need to call ahead of time at 301-600-1982 to schedule an appointment.

Franchot says it’s best to file your state income tax return electronically because it gets your  refund out quicker. “It’s use to be three, four weeks or even several months before you could get a refund back. That’s when I was first elected 14 years ago. Now it 2.1 business days” says Franchot.

The State Comptroller’s Office says so far this year, the agency has processed 2.4-millin tax returns, and has issued more than $1.6-billion in refunds to over 1.6-million taxpayers averaging $1,000.


By Kevin McManus