Washington County Commissioner Discusses COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives, Roll-Out

He also says elections for a new Sheriff will take place next year

Washington County, MD (KB) Washington County Commissioner Wayne Keefer said the COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on the county.

“Our businesses have also suffered quite a bit,” he said. “I think they’re on the rebound. I think the year ahead of us, once, thankfully, these restrictions have been lifted, and I think our businesses are poised to do well, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t suffered these last several months.”

Keefer encouraged all residents to support local businesses.

He also said the local health department and hospitals did a “good job” with vaccine roll-out.

“I know we also had the mass-vaccination site, which I believe is in transition to being relocated back to the hospital,” he stated. “I think those citizens who, if they wanted the vaccine, they had the opportunity to get the vaccine, and we’ll see where we are moving forward but we made those opportunities available.”

Keefer added that over 98,000 first-doses have been administered in Washington County, although not all were Washington County residents.

He also commented on Governor Larry Hogan’s incentives for citizens who get the vaccine.

“I think a lot of people are looking at it, it’s unfair on multiple levels,” he said. “For me, I think the sticking point is that a proper use of spending tax-payer dollars? I don’t know — I don’t believe it is, personally.”

Keefer said there will be some upcoming elected-official changes in the county.

“Sheriff Mullendore does hold elected office and he has decided that his current term will be his last,” he said. “So, election for Sheriff will take place next year and we’ll have a new Sheriff in town.”

He said he believes Washington County leans heavily Republican, however current Sheriff, Douglas Mullendore, is a Democrat.