Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Discusses ‘Humanizing The Badge’

He says he’s working to get officers out in the community.









Frederick, MD (KB) Spokesperson for the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Todd Wivell said he believes Frederick County is a police-friendly community.

“I believe that we, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, not just Sheriff Jenkins, but every deputy who wears a uniform, every correctional officer, every courthouse law enforcement agent, and special police officer that wears a uniform goes above and beyond to be a good community steward,” said Wivell.

Wivell said he is working to get officers out into the community in an effort to “humanize the badge.”

Wivell said he received a Facebook message from a local resident about a positive police interaction in the community.

“We just had one of our Sergeants stop by a local neighborhood in Ballenger Creek last night and he got out of his car and he went and interacted with the kids,” he explained. “The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is getting out and about into all of the community as much as possible.”

He said “National Night Out” is coming up on August 3rd, 2021. This is a community safety event in which neighbors are able to share concerns and ideas for their respective communities.

“We’re going to be in Urbana or in Ijamsville at the new “Y,” that’s going to be our primary location, but we’re going to be out and about in other towns as well,” Wivell said.

Wivell said Frederick County Sheriff’s Office deputies are posted in towns throughout the county because their presence is valued in the community.

“We have Frederick County Sheriff’s Office deputies who patrol the entire county, which is the largest land mass county in all of Maryland,” he stated. “We also have deputies who are assigned to three different towns here in Frederick County because the towns value that and they want us there. So Emmitsburg has two, Middletown has some.”

Wivell said he also stays current on what’s going on at the national level to better serve the community.