Former State Labor Secretary Announces Candidacy For Maryland Governor

Tom Perez says he has experience working for the state, local, and federal government.











Takoma Park, MD (KB) Former Maryland Labor Secretary, Tom Perez, has announced his candidacy for governor.

“There’s a tremendous opportunity right now in Maryland for us to make a huge difference on job creation, on educational opportunity for everyone, on climate change, to build a Maryland that realizes its full potential,” Perez stated.

Perez said he wants to make sure residents in all corners of the state of Maryland have access to opportunities.

“We need a governor who can step in on this wide range of issues — whether it’s off-shore win, whether it’s employment, whether it’s housing, whether it’s education — can step in and really move the ball forward,” he explained. “That’s what I’ve been doing my entire career.”

Perez said he will bring years of experience to the table.

“I’ve worked in local, state, and Federal government. I served on the Montgomery County Council, I served as state Labor Secretary, I served as the U.S. Labor Secretary, and I spent the bulk of my career in Federal service at the Justice Department doing Civil Rights work — I started as a frontline prosecutor and finished as the head of the division,” said Perez.

He said the residents he has talked to are exicted to have a candidate who can “implement their vision.

“People are excited to see that the issues that they care about are issues that I have rolled up my sleeves and tackled,” said Perez. “That’s what they want, somebody who shares their values.”

Perez will be running as a democratic candidate for Maryland Governor.