Frederick County Launches Broadband Survey

It will help identify areas where internet access is not available, or unreliable











Frederick, Md (KM) The importance of internet access has been  highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic as more people paid their bills and did their shopping on line, and many children attend virtual classrooms. But Frederick County  Executive Jan Gardner says in some areas of the county, broadband is not available, or unreliable.

Gardner says internet access has become a necessity in this day and age. “So in response to this ongoing need, the county is working on a strategy to address the undeserved areas of the community. But we need your help,”: she says. “I’m pleased to announce the launch of a broadband internet access survey developed by our  county’s Interagency Information Technology Division.”

The survey asks residents and businesses some basic questions about internet access in their communities.. “The survey will help us identify homes and business that do not have reliable broadband and internet service, and this will help us measure internet speed in different parts of the county,” says Gardner.

She says it’s important for as many people as possible to take part in this survey. “I really want to encourage you to take a moment to help us identify the underserved areas of the county and really conduct this speed survey,” Gardner says. “So that we can work and take advantage of the broadband money that’s out there both from the federal and the state government to provide solutions.”

Residents and business owners can take the survey by going on line to

The survey will open on Sunday, August 1st, and run though Thursday, September 30th.



By Kevin McManus