Chief Of Fire And Rescue Services Asks For Staffing Improvements At Fire Station In Frederick County

There is an increase of rescue services on the Potomac River at the Point of Rocks location.

Point of Rocks, MD (KB) Chief Tom Coe with the Division of Fire and Rescue Services asked the Frederick County Council that part of the county’s budget be spent on staffing improvements at the Point of Rocks Fire Station.

He requested that a total of three firefighters be added to the station.

“Those three personnel will be tasked with staffing a piece of apparatus, as well as a water rescue craft, out of the Point of Rocks Fire Station to provide more robust water rescue services to the Point of Rocks and adjoining areas,” said the Chief.

He said currently the county provides two firefighter EMTs for every shift at the station.

“Unfortunately because of increased service demand due to increased recreational activity on the Potomac River, coupled with the decrease in volunteers available to respond to Point of Rocks, those two personnel on a daily basis fall short of adequate,” said Chief Coe.

The Chief said these staffing improvements are necessary.

“Along the Potomac River, we do have some services for water rescue out of the Brunswick Ambulance Company, as well as the Point of Rocks Fire Station — but, past those two stations, the next Frederick County resource to respond to the Potomac resides in the City of Frederick,” he said. “That travel time is just too great when water begins to overcome someone.”

Chief Coe’s request was approved during the County Council’s meeting. The three additional firefighters (one added to each of the three shifts at the Point of Rocks Fire Station) will begin work in February 2022.