Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins Says Frederick Is Less Safe Because Of The Maryland General Assembly Overriding Governor Hogan’s Veto Of House Bill 16

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

He said the action was driven by state Democrats.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – Recent action by state Democrats has made Frederick and Maryland less safe. That’s according to Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

The Maryland General Assembly recently overrode Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of House Bill 16 that gives protection to illegal immigrants by keeping jails from detaining people because of their immigration status.

“The bill actually does nothing to interfere with the 287G program, but what it does do is prohibit myself or any other local or state government from entering into a contract with Homeland Security to detain ICE (Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement) prisoners,” said Jenkins.

287G is a federal program which allows correctional officers to determine the immigration status of suspects arrested by deputies and brought to the Detention Center for processing.

If they’re here illegally, they could be turned over to Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement, and can be deported.

“By the override of the governor’s veto on House Bill 16, let me call out Karen Lewis Young, Ken Kerr, Carol Krimm and Ron Young. This county is now less safe because of those 4 people,” Jenkins said.

He said people detained through 287G committed serious crimes and that nobody has been deported for a headlight being out on their car.