Frederick City Police Chief Discusses Who Should Be On The Police Accountability Board

Frederick City Police Chief Jason Lando

Lando said that his officers are worried about the new board.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – Frederick City Police Chief Jason Lando joined WFMD’s Morning News Express and said every person should be vetted properly before being seated on the board.

“I’m much more concerned about the bigger picture, the ability for us to do a background check, to bring the individuals in for an in person interview and just find out, what are your motivations? Why do you want to sit on this board? We want people to sit on the board who just want to see good, fair, equitable policing, and not anyone who comes in with any sort of bias,” said Lando.

He added that people with a criminal past who have turned their lives around should be allowed to apply to the board, but doesn’t think it’s a good idea for spouses of law enforcement to apply for the position.

Lando said many of his officers are worried about the ramifications from the new police accountability board that will be established in Frederick County.

“The vast majority of our officers are absolutely outstanding and those are the ones that, you know, I think they’re really worried. They’re human, right? Can they make a mistake at work and not have to worry about losing their job?” Lando said.

Every county in Maryland has to create a police accountability board by July 1.