Several Convoys Of Truckers Coming To Washington DC To Protest Pandemic Restrictions

Truckers Protesting in Ottawa, Canada.

They’re against vaccine and mask mandates.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – The Washington DC area is expected to see a number of trucker convoys coming through to protest pandemic restrictions. One is being organized by Bob Bolus of Pennsylvania. He says his convoy will be leaving from Scranton on Wednesday at 8:00 AM. “Going down through Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and then from Harrisburg to Baltimore and toward DC,” he says.

Speaking Tuesday on WFMD”s “Morning News Express,” Boilus says the convoy will be taking Interstate 83 from Scranton to Baltimore. He was asked how many will be participating. “I have no idea how many are coming. Our phones and things have been burning up. I don’t even want to estimate,” he says.

His plans are to shut down the Capital Beltway, but one lane will remain open for emergency vehicles and other traffic.

The protests are similar to what happened recently in Canada, where protesters representing truckers shut down that nation’s capital city, Ottawa,  until cleared by police. They also closed the Ambassador Bridge which connects Windsor, Ontario with Detroit, Michigan. “Ours is about our rights. And when we get there, we have a plan in place. We expect naturally some opposition. We don’t expect what happened in Canada. We’re in America, we’re not under a dictatorship,”: he says.

In a statement, the Maryland State Police say they’re aware of potential protests planned by truck drivers around the state. Troopers say they are working with state and local government agencies to keep traffic on the roads moving safely.

Bolus says these protest will not be violent.   “It’s peaceful. We’re not  coming there to be confrontational,” he says. “We’re coming there to send a message to the people that are Americans that we are Americans and our rights are being taken away from us by the Biden Administration, and some members of Congress, {Senate Majority Leader Chuck} Shumer, {House Speaker Nancy} Pelosi, etc.”

He says the convoy will leave Scranton at 8:00 AM on Wednesday.

By Kevin McManus