Md. Congressional Map Adopted Last Week By The General Assembly Is In Effect

Gov Larry Hogan

It was signed into law on Monday by the Governor, Speaker of the House of Delegates & Senate President.

Annapolis, Md. (KM) – A new Maryland Congressional map approved last week by the General Assembly is now in effect. Governor Larry Hogan on Monday said he,  House of Delegates Speaker Adrienne Jones and Senate President Bill Ferguson signed the map into law. “It’s a tremendous victory for Democracy and free and fair elections in Maryland,” said Governor Hogan, who spoke to reporters at the State House after signing the map.

This map was drafted by legislative leaders after a map adopted last year was struck down by Judge Lynne Battaglia as “unconstitutional” and an example of “partisan gerrymandering. The new map signed into law puts Frederick County in the 6th District intact. Under a map adopted after the 2010 Census, Frederick County was divided between the 6th and the 8th Districts.

“Gerrymander is a cancer on our democracy regardless of which party does it,”: the Governor said. “A number of maps have been thrown in other states around the country, Republican maps. This is the first time in the United States that Democratic map has been thrown out for the same reason.”

The Maryland Attorney General’s Office had decided to appeal Judge Battaglia ruling, but has dropped that appeal. “We were in discussions with the Attorney General who was the one filing the appeal. And so it was with the presiding officers and the Attorney General, we all came to an agreement that it was something they should not pursue throwing out the judge’s order,” Governor Hogan said.

The Governor also called on the General Assembly to approve a bill  before the Session is over which would prevent future gerrymandering when it comes to drawing Congressional and Legislative maps. “The acted pretty quickly on the maps in just a matter of days. I’m not sure why they can’t act on this legislation and get that done before the session is over with,” Hogan said.

The 2022 Maryland General Assembly adjourns for the year on Monday, October 11th at midnight.

By Kevin McManus