Maryland’s Gas Tax Will Increase In July

This increase will add to the pain consumers are feeling.

Annapolis, Md. (NS) – The pain at the pump will continue as Maryland is slated to see an increase in its gas tax this summer.

Maryland recently enjoyed a 30-day gas tax holiday which ended Sunday morning, which made it more cost effective for people to fill up their tanks.

State Senator Michael Hough said Maryland’s gas prices are going to go up in July.

“So right now the Maryland gas tax is 36 cents a gallon. So, when you get rid of the gas tax holiday, people are going to automatically see 36 cents a gallon back on the price of gas and then in July, that 36 cents is going to increase by 8%,” said Hough.

The average price for regular gasoline in Maryland as of Monday was $3.92 and nationally it is $4.09.

“The state of Maryland has a very high gas tax to begin with and we automatically increase it every year. We did nothing to address that,” Hough explained.

He added that not all gas tax revenue goes towards roads like it’s supposed to, such as funding public transportation.

Hough sponsored legislation at the 2022 General Assembly which would stop the yearly tax increase with inflation, but it was rejected.