MS-13 Gang Member Sentenced In Racketeering Conspiracy Involving Several Murders

One occurred in Frederick County.

Baltimore, Md. (KM) – A member of MS-13 who was involved with several killings in the region including one in Frederick County,  was sentenced on Tuesday. Jose Joya Parada, 20, also known as “Calmadon,”   was given 50 years in federal prison for racketeering conspiracy involving several violent crimes. . After he gets out, Parada will be put on three-years supervised released.

The US Attorney’s Office for Maryland say Parada was convicted on January 24th, 2022, racketeering conspiracy, racketeering and related violent crimes in the aid of racketeering following a three-month trial. . . Three other defendants, identified as Milton Portillo-Rodriquez, 26, also known as “Little Gangster,” Juan Carlos Sandoval-Rodriquez, 22, also known as “Picarro,” and Oscar Armando Sorto Romero, 22, also known as “Lobo,” were also found guilty of similar charges at that same trial. .

Federal officials say in April, 2017, Parada was involved in kidnapping an individual from Silver Spring, and taking him to a wooded area off of Gambrill Park Road in Frederick County where he was killed with machetes and knives, and buried in a shallow grave. The human remains were found in June of that year.

The US Attorney’s Office says this murder, and other violence offenses in the region, were part of conspiracy by MS-13 members to protect the name, reputation and status of the gang from rival gang members. To do that, MS-13 members were expected to use any means necessary, including acts of intimidation and violence. Gang members are also required to commit acts of violence to both maintain membership and discipline within the gang against rival gang members. Participation by members in violence against rival gang members or directed by gang leadership increases the respect for that individual within the gang, federal prosecutors say.

The evidence at the three-month-long trial established that between 2015 and 2017, the defendants were involved in drug trafficking, extortion and brutal acts of violence suspected against rival gangs. It was part of an effort to increase MS-13 power in Frederick, Montgomery and Anne Arundel Counties, according to federal officials.

This case was brought about as part of an effort called Project Safe Neighborhoods which brings together federal, state and local law enforcement and the communities to reduce violence crime,, and make neighborhoods safe for everyone.

The US Attorney’s Office says this is an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Investigation which identifies, disrupts and dismantles high level criminal organizations that threaten the nation.

Anyone who has information about MS-13 is encouraged to contact law enforcement. The FBI and US Department of Homeland Security Investigations have tip lines where citizens can call, and report what they know. The FBI’s tip lien is 1-866-STP-MS13 (1-866-787-6713). The HSI tip line is 1-866-DHS-2-ICE.

By Kevin McManus