Film Screening And Q & A About Law Enforcement Response In Crises Being Held In Washington DC On April 26

Cinematic Reflections on a Post 9/11 World will feature Rick DesLauriers and 2 other leaders who responded to the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

Washington DC (NS) – The National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial and Museum in Washington DC will hold an event on April 26 called Cinematic Reflections on a Post 9/11 World to discuss how police react in crisis situations.

Three law enforcement leaders from the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing will discuss their portrayal in the film Patriots Day as well as hold a question and answer session about how they collaborated during the investigation.

Rick DesLauriers, Former FBI Agent and lead investigator into the Boston Marathon bombing, will be speaking at the event.

He said although police currently have great technology to find suspects, the suspect in the recent New York subway shooting was arrested because of help received similar to what investigators had for the Boston Marathon bombing.

“As usual, it’s a tip from the public, from the American public, that leads to a big break in the case and I believe it was a tip that police received from someone who observed the suspect in a McDonald’s that led to his arrest,” said DesLauriers.

It was similar in 2013.

“It was tips from the American public that assisted law enforcement in the Boston Marathon bombing investigation as well to capture the bombers. Law enforcement always relies upon the support of the American public. In this case, this tragic case in New York City this week, it illustrates that just as it did in the Boston Marathon bombing,” he added.

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