In The Past Week One Motorcyclist Died And Another Was Injured In Frederick County

A motorcyclist was killed in New Market and another was injured in Frederick a few hours later.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – A man was killed in a motorcycle accident in New Market on Sunday morning and another crash seriously injured a rider in Frederick a few hours later.

Drivers should see more motorcycles on the road as the weather continues to warm.

Lieutenant Jason Deater with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office said although there have been some accidents lately, this does not look like a trend.

“Right now I just think it’s a coincidence. We are not really seeing any upward trend. What’s happening is the weather is finally becoming nicer and normally we do see an increase in riders, motorcycle riders, on the roads from about now until late fall. Naturally, when we get more riders on the road, we do see more motorcycle accidents,” said Lt. Deater.

He said riders can take steps to increase their safety by wearing high visibility clothing and a high quality helmet with eye protection.

“If you know your route of travel, if you’re going out for like a weekend ride or on your daily ride if you know your route of travel and the time you’re expected to return, inform a friend or family member where you’re gong to be at, what time you’re expected to return. So if they don’t hear from you, they can try to contact you or alert authorities,” Lt. Deater explained.

He added that if you ever get into a crash with a motorcycle, try to pull off the road, call 9-1-1, and check on the rider.