Frederick Board Of Aldermen Approved Fiscal 2023 Budget

But some changes were made to the Mayor’s proposed spending plan.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – A fiscal year 2023 budget totaling more than $197.3-million was adopted Thursday night by the Frederick Board of Aldermen. but the vote was not unanimous.

In her passing motion, Alderwoman Katie Nash proposed a number of changes. They included  the removal of 6.42% cost of living salary increase for employees and replacing it with a flat rate of $3,990 for each employee, and doing away with the $100 per full year of service for each worker. The motion also removes $250,000 each in American Rescue Plan Act donations to the Frederick Arts Council and the Frederick Innovative Technology Center (FITCI).  She called for remaining  $300,000 of that ARPA money removed from the budget and its use determined at a later date.

Prior to the vote, the Aldermen heard testimony from city employees, some of whom had been working for the city for some time, asking that the Mayor’s proposed budget be approved because it would improve their salaries, and make the city more competitive with similar jurisdictions.

During discussion, Alderman Kelly Russell expressed “anger” at her colleagues for keeping her out of the loop regarding changes to the budget,  preferring the original budget proposed by the Mayor. She voted against the amended  spending plan.

In another vote, the Board agreed to keep the property tax rate at just 73 and 5/100 cents per $100 of assessed value, and $1.55 per $100 of assessed value for business properties. The Aldermen also approved an ordinance to establish employee positions, grades and civilian pay scales for city workers.

By Kevin McManus