Citizens Protest Supreme Court Decision Striking Roe V. Wade

They gathered at the Square Corner in Downtown Frederick Friday afternoon.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – A large crowd gathered at the Square Corner in Downtown Frederick Friday afternoon to protest the US SupremeĀ  Court’s decision striking down Roe V. Wade, which since 1973 guaranteed a woman’s right to an abortion.

One of those taking part, Susan Reeder Jesse, who had this reaction to the High Court’s decision. “I’m in shock. I’m still in shock,” she said. “I never thought I would see this in my lifetime, as a woman, as a career woman, that I worked my way up, educated myself, and I never thought I would not control over my own body.”

Mary Ellen Brady from Middletown was  there. “And I’m here to be with my daughter because she’s of an age where she should have the right to make a decision about what happens with her own body. And thanks to the ruling today, she no longer has that right,”: she said.

“I think the government should mind its own business and stay out of our bodies. I think we ought to have control. of our bodies,”: Brady added. . “Nobody’s trying to regulate  men’s bodies or keep on an eye on them. Why do they have to do it with women. We’re quite capable of managing our own bodies, thank you very much.”

The citizens gathered along both sides of West Patrick Street near the Court House, holding signs, some which said “We Won’t Go Back” and “Hands Off My Body,” and “Liberate Abortion.” Several motorists who drove by honking  their horns  in support.

But it wasn’t just women who were participating. Some men were there, including Stuart Harvey. “I’m a guy but I support a woman’s right  to chose. There’s no reason not to,” he said. “And I am concerned as a gay man that’s we’re going to be the next slippery slope.”

Harvey noted that Justice Clarence Thomas, in a a concurring opinion, called for the Court to reconsider its positions  on gay rights, same sex marriage and birth control.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is expected to lead to half of the states prohibiting abortions.

The ruling follows a draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito which was leaked last month.

By Kevin McManus