First Day Of School In Frederick County Fast Approaching

Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Dyson (Photo from Frederick County Public Schools)

Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Dyson says she’s getting excited about it.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – Some kids may not be looking forward to it, but the first day of school is getting nearer. Students will be heading back to classes in Frederick County Public Schools on Wednesday, August 17th.

Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Dyson says she will be visiting five schools on that day, and she’s looking forward to it. “But I’m excited about seeing the faces of students, seeing our parents who have students who are going into Pre-K or kindergarten. That’s always been an exciting time. So, I will be in school, day one,” she says.

She says she’s understands some parents of kindergarten students are somewhat apprehensive about their children going to school. “It’s harder for students who are coming to organized schooling for the first time. Our kindergarten parents are sending  their precious children off. We want students to get in the routine, experience school and start learning day one,” Dr. Dyson says.

Dr. Dyson took over as Superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools in early July, and she has met numerous people in the community. But she wants to be accessible to everyone. “They can contact me at [email protected]. But I also plan to hold office hours every month where I’ll just make myself available either over Google Meets, Zoom or, when possible, to be in a physical space where people can drop by and have a conversation,” she says.

She says those office hours will be for students, their parents and school system staff.

By Kevin McManus