The Stop The Violence Rally In Frederick Saw Poor Attendance

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins questioned why the County Executive and Mayor did not attend.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – The Stop the Violence Rally in Frederick on Saturday, August 6 had a good message, but few were there to see it. That’s according to Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins who joined WFMD’s Morning News Express on Thursday.

He said Aje Hill, the founder of I Believe In Me and rally organizer, has worked with Jenkins to stop violence in the community.

“Aje Hill has worked pretty hard. I give the young man credit for putting this together and making an attempt to, ‘let’s get together and let’s come up with solutions,’ and he’s tried to do that,” said Jenkins.

He said some were surprised that the Sheriff was invited to an anti-violence rally.

“I heard from Aje that he took a little bit of heat from me being there. He took some heat, but you know what? The man respects the fact that I’m the Sheriff, that a part of my job is finding solutions for these problems. He invited me and I felt it was right to show up,” Jenkins explained.

He asked why other local officials like Mayor Michael O’Connor and County Executive Jan Gardner were not in attendance.

“My question is, I was there, where were the other elected officials who were invited? I find it really odd that, you know, I’m always the guy that gets targeted, but yet, I’m there willing to talk, willing to come up with solutions,” Jenkins said.

The goal of the event was to increase awareness to the local issue of gun violence, and bring an end to it.