Forming Foundation In Frederick County Max Well For Life Aims Bring Hope To Those Affected By Suicide

The foundation is being created by the father of Max Tyeryar who committed suicide this year.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – A Frederick County man is honoring his 25-year-old son who tragically committed suicide this year. Wes Tyeryar, father of Max, is in the process of creating a foundation called Max Well For Life.

“It is a forming foundation. We have filed all of the necessary paperwork as a non profit. It’s going to take a little more time to get there, but we are making great progress. With the goal of becoming a full foundation by the end of the year,” said Tyeryar.

He said his family does not understand why Max took his life, but the family wants to find a way to honor him and help others who may be contemplating suicide.

“That is the purpose, and if we’re able to help others make better choices, then, for me, that’s the fuel. That helps me each day, each day to go forward. So, that’s what’s underneath this mission. It’s really the goal to be a service to others, but through it all, honor my son in that work,” Tyeryar explained.

Max Well For Life has an upcoming walk with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention on September 18 in Germantown. More information can be found at