Some Frederick County Students Are Struggling After COVID-19 Pandemic

School Board President Brad Young said more psychologists and social workers have been hired to help.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – Emotional issues are evident in some Frederick County Public School students after remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s according to School Board President Brad Young.

“As you’ve seen already we’ve had two bomb threats in our school system this year and those things have increased because, I think, a lot of what’s gone on with COVID,” said Young.

He said remote learning also caused some students to fall behind.

“A lot of students that didn’t do so well with remote learning need to get caught up. We did a lot this summer with additional programs, we’re doing a lot with after school programs. So, it’s going to take probably several years to catch some of our students back up to where they should have been,” Young explained.

He said one change made during COVID, however, will be a useful tool going forward.

“One of the things that we learned is how to do remote learning, and so, if we have a small school like a Catoctin or Brunswick that might have 2 or 3 students that want to do an AP Biology class, there’s not enough to have a teacher there, that they can join together with other students and still get that particular class that they want,” Young added.

He said the school system is also working to help student’s mental and emotional health by hiring more psychologists and social workers.