Testimony Begins In The Lemeul Roberts Trial

He’s charged with the murder of his ex-wife in 2020.

Frederick, Md (KM) The state and the defense gave their opening statements in Frederick County Circuit Court on Wednesday in the trial of Lemuel Roberts of Winchester, Virginia. Roberts is charged with 1st-degree murder for the death of his ex-wife, Kaitlin Roberts,  in January, 2020.

The Jury heard testimony from Julissa Scott and Corinne McVeigh who worked in a warehouse on English Muffin Way. They were heading home at around 2:00 AM on January 11th, and saw a body along the road. They went back to the warehouse and told another employee, Josh Reikie, who is EMT. . He went to the scene and checked the victim’s pulse, and then called 911. The 911 call was played in the court room, according to the State Attorney’s Office. .

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Deputies who arrived on scene also testified. Corporal Dan McDowell, who was the crime scene supervisor, said he collected evidence the scene. He also testified¬† that he worked with the Sheriffs Office in Winchester, Virginia, where evidence was recovered from a dumpster. Pictures were taken of the defendant’s home on January 13th, and search warrants were served on four vehicles, Corporal McDowell told the court.

Also testifying were two of the victim’s fellow employees who worked with her at the Olive Garden Restaurant. Jocelyn Coates, who said she had been friends with Kaitlin Roberts since 2015, said the victim appeared to be “stressed, nervous and fearful” prior to the day of her murder. Kiersten Dokes said Kaitlin Roberts “didn’t seem like herself” before she was killed.

The trial is expected to resume on Thursday.