Trial Continues Of Va. Man Charged With Murdering His Ex-Wife In Frederick County, Md

A representative from the State Medical Examiner’s Office took the stand.

Frederick, Md (KM) More state witnesses took the stand on Friday in the trial of Lemuel Roberts,34,  of Winchester, Virginia. He’s charged with first-degree murder for killing his ex-wife, Kaitlin Roberts,  on January 10th, 2020. .

On Friday, the jury listened to Dr. Diana Nointin with the Maryland State Medical Examiner’s Office who testified about her findings from Kaitlin Roberts’ autopsy. Dr. Nointin said the autopsy revealed numerous stab wounds, including some cutting wounds. The jury was shown photographs of the victim’s body, and the clothing she was wearing that night. Two of the stab wounds were “rapidly fatal,” according to Dr. Nointin. She said the manner of death was homicide and the cause of death was sharp force injuries and blunt force injuries from being run over by a car.

Also taking the stand were two investigators from the Frederick County, Virginia, Sheriff’s, Seth Foster and Zack Hawkins. Foster  testified that he was sent to a Sunoco gas station on  Berryville Pike in Frederick County, Virginia. where evidence had been discovered inside a dumpster at that location. Foster said he put on some protective clothing and entered the dumpster to collect evidence.

Hawkins was also sent to the dumpster at the Sunoco station where he took photographs, conducted inventory and packed all the evidence which was taken to the Sheriff’s Office and placed in a secure forensic room for storage.

Taking the stand on Friday was Deputy William Roper from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia. He told jurors that he was dispatched to Lemuel Roberts’ home on January 11th, 2020 where another deputy saw blood on the door handle. Roberts was pointed out by the victim’s mother when he pulled into the street in his Lexus. Deputies then spoke with Roberts.

Deputy Cody Vorous with the Frederick County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office testified about transporting Roberts from the Sheriff’s Office, where he had been taken into custody, to the local jail. He said he was present at the jail when investigators served a search warrant on Lemuel Roberts’ body to extract his DNA.

The trial is scheduled to resume on Monday at 9:00 AM at the Frederick County, Maryland, court house.

By Kevin McManus.